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At the moment there is nothing hosted here except my photo website.

Secure Login https://photo.hardstone.net/

With the new secure login your email address and password are encrypted over the internet. The downside is that I'm too cheap to buy a proper certificate, which means that you'll get a few pop-up warnings about this, but just click ok a few times and it should all work.


This is a website containing photos of (and from) my friends and family. So access is restricted, to people who know me (or one of them). You'll need to register an email address + password and wait for me to activate your account.

In brief it's a custom website for sharing photos. As well as privacy information allowing users to specify who is able to see their images, the images can have a variety of meta information (such as location, people, event and rating) added by any user. This data can be used for searches and to create mini websites.

Thumbnails of the original images are created (in a variety of sizes) on the fly and cached for later use. Simple cropping of images is also available to allow an area of an image to be zoomed in on. Prints can be ordered on the website so that you can get a permanent reminder of classic moments.

The site is written in perl and uses mysql or postgresql as the database.

Easy Upload http://upload.hardstone.net/

A page to allow anyone to upload files to me with the minimum of fuss.

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